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MNS Low Voltage Switchgear Of Drawer Model



Product Description

Product Overview:

MNS low voltage switchgear of drawer model with flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, strong practicality, strong interchangeability, flexible operation, convenient maintenance, high degree of protection etc merit.

Product Applications:

Apply to power plant (station), substation (distribution room) and industrial, business, building etc.

Product Specifications:

1. Cold-rolled steel plate or angle steel (for welding cabinet).

2. Al-zinc coated steel plate or galvanized steel plate (used for assembling cabinets).

3. Stainless steel plate (non-magnetic).

4. Aluminum plate ((non-magnetic).

Switchgear Parameters:

Main Circuit Voltage Rating (V)Technical parameter
RatedInsulation Voltage(V)Ac660
Rated operationalVoltage(V)AC400
Rated Frequency( Hz)20
Levelof ProtectionIP30,IP40

Rated Current


Horizontal Bus630-3150
Vertical Bus630-1000
Main Circuit Connectors125,200,400
Control Circuit Connectors32
Maximum Current Feeding Circuit1600
Withstand Electric Circuit Current630-3150

Switchgear Advantage:

• The rated current of the low-voltage distribution cabinet is AC 50Hz and the rated voltage is 380v. 

• The main function of the distribution system is to distribute power and distribute the voltage through the transformer to each power-consuming unit for power and lighting distribution in the low-voltage distribution system. Use. 

• This product has the characteristics of strong separation ability, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible and easy combination of electrical solutions, strong serialization and practicality, and novel structure.

Switchgear Features:

1. Convenient for reasonable configuration of power supply.

2. When a line fault occurs, it is helpful to control the scope of the fault and to quickly find the fault point and eliminate it in time.

3. It is convenient to arrange line maintenance in slices without the need for large-scale power outages.

4. Various protective equipment such as fuses (fuses) to prevent short circuits, air switches to prevent overload, etc. can be conveniently placed in the power distribution cabinet.

Switchgear Transport Packaging:

Switchgear are packaged in three ways: wooden pallets, wooden frames, and wooden boxes.

• We generally use wooden box packaging, which can effectively protect the transformer during transportation

• Avoid collisions and keep the shape of the transformer intact.

• Avoid corrosion, rust, etc. caused by environmental factors.

Switchgear Manufacturers:

SOURCEWAY engineers have 40 years of experience in the transformer industry and have accumulated a wealth of experience in participating in different projects in various countries. Based on project cooperation cases, Sourceway can help you analyze the types of transformers you need in project construction and provide complete power distribution and other solutions.

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