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Outdoor Oil Immersed Single Phase Pole Mounted Distribution Transformer


Product Description

Single phase Pole Mounted Transformer Specifications:

• Single-phase up to 333 kVA

• Primary voltage up to 34.5 kV

• Secondary voltages up to 500 V

• Cooling type: ONAN

• Available fluids: mineral oil and ester fluids

Pole Transformer Standards Compliant:

• ANSI / UL / IEC / IEEE C57.12.00 standards

• AS NZS 60076 Power Transformers

• ISO 9001Power Transformers

• GOST R 52719-2007 Power transformers. General specifications

• GB 6451 Technical Specifications And Requirements For Oil-Immersed Power Transformers

• Compliant Transformers,Distribution type, Liquid-Filled Type,Over 600 Volts Transformers General Specifications Standards

Single Phase Power Pole Transformers Advantage:

• Sourceway utilizes a focus factory concept which leads to a great experience in specific products giving a very high level of consistency in design, manufacture, and test

• Sourceway’s distribution transformers factories utilize the common design platform giving us best-in-class experience, consistency, and repeatability

• Sourceway utilizes best-in-class manufacturing and quality processes to ensure that our transformers will meet the most stringent requirement

Pole Distribution Transformer Applications:

• Sourceway’s pole-mounted single phase distribution transformers are mounted above ground on poles. These transformers typically service urban and rural residential and commercial loads. Others are light industrial and commercial lighting applications.

• ANSI pole-mounted transformers are available in a continuously self-protected (CSP) version from continuous overload and network protection from transformer faults.

Pole Mounted Distribution Transformer Optional Accessories:

• Externally-operable multiple voltage switches for safe operation

• Externally-operable tap changer switches for safe operation

• Special designs conforming to international specifications

• Dual voltage primary complete with externally operated voltage switch

• Extra creep bushing

• Surge arrester bracket

• Drain/sampling valve

• Filter press connections

• ANSI Porcelain low-voltage bushings

• Nonconductive transformer cover

• Temperature gauge (tank size limitations apply)

• Liquid level gauge (tank size limitations apply)

• Pressure vacuum gauge (tank size limitations apply)

Pole Mounted Single Phase Transformer Transport Packaging:

• Single-phase transformers are packaged in three ways: wooden pallets, wooden frames, and wooden boxes.

• We generally use wooden box packaging, which can effectively protect the transformer during transportation

• Avoid collisions and keep the shape of the transformer intact

• Avoid corrosion, rust, etc. caused by environmental factors

Pole Type Transformer Transformer In a 40-Foot Cabinet:

A single-phase transformer with a capacity below 50kva can be equipped with 60 units;

75kVA single-phase transformer can be equipped with 48 units;

100 kVA single-phase transformer can be equipped with 36 units;

167 kVA single-phase transformer can be equipped with 21 units.

Pole Mounted Transformer Manufacturers:

SOURCEWAY engineers have 40 years of experience in the transformer industry and have accumulated a wealth of experience in participating in different projects in various countries. Based on project cooperation cases, Sourceway can help you analyze the types of transformers you need in project construction and provide complete power distribution and other solutions.

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