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Earthing Transformer


Product Description

Earthing Transformer Description:

· Sourceway Electric furnace transformers are designed according to IEC/IEEE.

· A grounding transformer or earthing transformer is a type of auxiliary transformer used in three-phase electric power systems to provide a ground path to either an ungrounded wye or a delta-connected system. Grounding transformers are part of an earthing system of the network. They let three-phase (delta connected) systems accommodate phase-to-neutral loads by providing a return path for current to a neutral.

Earthing Transformer Description:

· High voltage up to 66 kv

· Frequencies:50Hz,60Hz

· Cooling:ONAN


· Highly customized(Neutral short current durations)

Earthing Transformer Advantage:

· Sourceway grounding transformer, in order to improve the power supply reliability of the power distribution system, an artificial neutral point is provided for the system where the neutral point is not grounded, which is convenient to use arc suppression coil or small resistance grounding method to reduce the occurrence of grounding short circuit faults in the distribution network The magnitude of the capacitance current to ground when.

· Sourceway transformer adopts Z-type wiring. The coils of each phase are divided into two groups and wound on the magnetic column of the phase in opposite directions respectively. The magnetic circuit flows, and the zero-sequence impedance of the Z-type grounding transformer is very small, while the ordinary transformer is much larger. In addition to being equipped with an arc suppression ring, it can also be equipped with a secondary load.

Earthing Transformer Applications:

· There are two types of grounding transformers: three-phase and single-phase. The grounding transformer that is often said refers to a three-phase grounding transformer, whose function is to provide an artificial groundable neutral point for a system without a neutral point that is not directly grounded.

The neutral point can be grounded directly, or grounded through a reactor, resistor or arc suppressing coil, the purpose of which is:

· The overhead line is easily induced by electrostatic charges caused by nearby charged clouds, dust, hail, fog and rain, thereby changing the line-to-ground voltage. With the gradual accumulation of induced charges, the line and the equipment connected to it will generate a high floating ground potential, which will endanger the insulation of the line and equipment. If the neutral point is artificially grounded, the induced electrostatic charge will be conducted to the ground, thus avoiding possible damage to the line and equipment.

· In the neutral point insulation system, high-frequency oscillations are common. If its neutral point is grounded, this high-frequency oscillation overvoltage will be reduced to a minimum.

· When a single-phase ground fault occurs in the neutral point insulation system, it usually appears in the form of arc grounding, that is, intermittent arcs are generated. At this time, the voltage of the faulty phase line to ground will rise to the line voltage, and the capacitance current of the line to ground will also increase. will be increased to three times the root sign of the original meter, and the capacitor current at the fault point is three times the root sign of a healthy phase-to-ground capacitor current, so the capacitor current at the fault point will be the capacitance of a single-phase line to ground under normal conditions 3 times the current. If an arc suppression coil is connected between the neutral point of the system and the ground, and the inductive current flowing through the arc suppression coil is used to compensate the capacitive current at the fault point, the intermittent arc can be automatically extinguished quickly.

· The neutral point insulation system leads to the artificial neutral point and grounds it (directly grounded without passing through the arc suppressing coil or grounded through a small resistance, and cooperates with the automatic protection device, which can isolate the faulty part at the beginning of the single-phase grounding fault cut off to isolate it from the system.

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