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Electric Car EV Charging Station Dry Type Transformer


Product Description

EV Charging Station Dry Type Transformer Specifications:

• Isolation, Autotransformers, epoxy potted, K rated and Harmonic Mitigating

• 80°C, 115°C, 130°C & 150°C temperature rise

· Aluminum or copper windings

• K1, K4, K9 and K13 factors Electrostatic shields

• Single and three phases

• Type 3R, 3RX, 4 & 4X enclosures Type 3RE & 3RXE enhanced for outdoor, with snow filters and temperature sensor

• Custom designs for MV applications, with primary voltage up to 27.6k

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Applications:

• for powering Electric Vehicle

• charging applications

• we offer a complete line of transformers that meet the requirements of level 1, 2, and fast charging electric vehicle installations.

• We can assist with new installations as well as replacement of existing transformers.

• Everything is completed considering the economical, environmental, reliability and long-term performance aspects of your projects.

EV rated transformers Advantage:

• Rated for EV charging applications when loading varies from many hours of idling, to periods of heavy demand (helping to drive down building energy consumption)

• Low ‘No-load losses’ for efficiency during long idling period meeting or exceeding CSA C802.2-18 requirements

• Aluminum winding for a greener product, copper version also available

• Non brittle Epoxy Vacuum Impregnation coating (the EVI©process) remains flexible and can handle the thermal expansion/contraction movements of the coils during load and temperature fluctuation without cracking

• Long-term reliability and long-life expectancy

• CSA Efficiency Verified

• NOMEX-based insulation system resisting up to 220°C

• Custom units available to meet your project and technical requirements.

EV Rated Transformers Use Environmental Conditions:

• Location should also be considered

• Consider low temperature rise transformers if the ambient temperature regularly exceeds an average of 30°C over a 24 hour period.

• If heavy rain or blowing snow can be a problem, Type 3RE enhanced enclosures can be used. They include filters to prevent debris, snow, ice and rodents from getting inside the enclosure. Heating elements can sometimes be integrated.

EV Rated Transformers Use Safety:

Units should ideally be installed in areas where the general public does not have access. If this is not possible, options such as enclosed cabinets (Type 4, 4X) or bolted with tamper-proof hardware can be considered. For areas exposed to vehicular traffic, local regulatory codes may require the installation of bollards or other protective devices to prevent transformers from being struck and damaged by vehicles.

Cosmetic Integration:

• Custom assorted (white, blue, red, green, other colors) or stainless steel enclosures are available for an easy cosmetic integration with other OEM electrical equipment.

Regulation requirement:

• Some national standards (Ex: CAN/CSA-C61000-2-2-04 R2014) may set limits on the amount of harmonics that can be returned to the power grid.

• This harmonic transmission can be reduced to compliant levels by various transformer designs, including features such as: phase shifting, use of electrostatic shields, zig-zag windings or other harmonic mitigation devices.

Levels of EV Charging:

• TNorth America currently employs three levels of charging for electric vehicles (EV). Although the term “level 3” is still used to qualify a fast charging station in DC, the term Fast Charging should be used instead. The level of the charging station determines the time required to charge an EV. The higher the level, the faster the charging process will be because more power is delivered to the vehicle.Three Levels of EV Charging

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