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Oil Immersed Single Phase Pad Mounted Distribution Transformer


Product Description

Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer General:

•  General: Sourceway manufactures a complete line of single phase residential pad mounted distribution transformers in its Sourceway Power™ series product line. They are available in standard ratings and configurations or can be customized to meet specific needs.

•  Single-phase transformers are available as ANSI I & II transformers (shown above in order). All of these distribution transformers are oil-insulated, selfcooled, available in loop or radial feed, and are dead-front.

•  All of these transformers meet or exceed ANSI®, IEEE® and NEMA® standards.

•  The ANSI® and IEEE® Type-1frontplate arrangement allows vertical feed to the primary and secondary bushings. It is ideal for single-phase industrial and residential applications where a wide range of kVAs or heavy cabling is required.

•  Sourceway offers Sourceway Power™ series poly-pads that are usable with most transformers conforming to ANSI® C57.12.25-1990 standard (Type-1 or Type-2).

This polymer pad serves as a shipping pallet as well as an installation pad.

Single Phase Pad Mounts Transformer Specifications:

Design Capacities
Primary voltage up to 34.5 kVSecondary voltage 120/240 V
Rating power up to 500 kVA
Built to customer specifications in accordance with IEEE Std C57.12.00 and DOE
Service Conditions
Design ambient temperature 0°C or 50°C
Design altitude less than 1000m above sea level
According to ANSI® C57.12.25-1990 standard:
ANSI Type-1ANSI Type-2
Standard Accessories and Features
HV & LV BushingsPressure relief device
nameplate engravedDrain and filling plug
Parking StandGrounding Bracket and X0 strap
Bay-o-net & current limiting fuse protection
Exterior Finish conforming to ANSI C57.12.28
Optional Accessories and Features
Transformers may be provided with the following optional items if specified by the purchaser:
An anticorrosion skirt for high contaminated areas
Load break switchesThermometer
Liquid Level GaugeHigh voltage off circuit taps
Provision for padlocking of load break switches
Stud type or spade type low voltage bushings
Load break inserts complete with dust cap
Exterior Finish conforming to ANSI C57.12.28
Customer stock  code  and  stencilling
Bail tabs on the bushing well clamps
Provision for a  remote fault  indicator  light
Alternative protection devices, specified by the pu rchaser
Purchaser  specified  impedance  limits
FR3 fire resistant bio degradable insulating fluid LNAN
A  non  resettable  device that  detects  internal transformer faults, incorporates pressure relief,and provides an external indication
Permanent and/or temporary bar coding label as shown in ANSI/IEEE C57.12.35
Additional tests may be requested by the purchaser and shall be performed in accordance to ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90

Pad Mounted Transformer Standards Features:

• Meet or exceeds ANSI®, IEEE® and NEMA® standards

• Meets DOE Energy Efficiency Standard 10 CFR Part 431 for distribution padmount transformers

• Tank coating exceeds IEEE Std C57.12.28™-2005 and IEEE Std C57.12.29™-2005 standards (stainless steel units only)

• Full compliance with IEEE Std C57.12.28™-2005 standard enclosure integrity requirements Quality System ISO 9001 certified

• Take option of FR3 fluid for increased fire safety or electrical grade mineral oil

• Meets or exceeds industry standards including ANSI and DOE Energy Efficiency

• Cores and windings designed for high reliability and low field failure rates: Available in grain-oriented electrical or amorphous steel

• Overcurrent protection includes a standard Bay-O-Net fuse and an optional current-limiting fuse or weak link

• Tin-plated high- and LV bushing terminals to accommodate aluminum or copper conductors

• Configurable to Rural Utilities Service (RUS) specification

Transformer Mounting Pad Field:

Household, commercial and industrial electricity and so on

Single Phase Padmount Transformer Features:

• Sourceway’s oil immersed single phase pad mounted distribution transformer include Loop feed type and Radial feed type. They are mounted ground and under ground. These transformers typically service urban and rural residential and commercial loads.

• Sourceway’s oil filled single phase pad mount transformer are used in underground industrial and residential power distribution systems, for Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Residential areas, where safety is prime concern.

Single Phase Padmounts Transformer Transport Packaging:

• Single-phase transformers are packaged in three ways: wooden pallets, wooden frames, and wooden boxes.

• We generally use wooden box packaging, which can effectively protect the transformer during transportation

• Avoid collisions and keep the shape of the transformer intact

• Avoid corrosion, rust, etc. caused by environmental factors

Pad Mounted Transformer Manufacturers:

SOURCEWAY engineers have 40 years of experience in the transformer industry and have accumulated a wealth of experience in participating in different projects in various countries. Based on project cooperation cases, Sourceway can help you analyze the types of transformers you need in project construction and provide complete power distribution and other solutions.

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