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Three Phase Pad Mounted Distribution Transformer


Product Description

Three Phase Pad Mount Transformer General:

•  At Sourceway’s Power Systems, we are constantly striving to introduce new innovations to the transformer industry, bringing you the highest quality, most reliable transformers.Sourceway's Power Systems Transformer Products are ISO 9001 compliant, emphasizing process improvement in all phases of design, manufacture, and testing.

•  Sourceway’s Power Systems transformers are available with electrical grade mineral oil or Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid, a less-flammable and bio-degradable fluid. Electrical codes recognize the advantages of using Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid both indoors and outdoors for fire sensitive applications. The biobased fluid meets Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Section 450.23 NEC Requirements.

Three Phase Pad Mounts Transformer Specifications:

Design Capacities
Primary voltage up to 36 kV
Secondary voltage 120/240/480/600 V
Rating power up to 5000 kVA
Built to customer specifications in accordance with IEEE Std C57.12.00 and DOE
Reduce the voltage of high voltage transmission line to low voltage for power supply
Installation location
To be installed outdoors, usually on a concrete pad or other suitable surface.
Service Conditions
Design ambient temperature 0°C or 50°C
 Design altitude less than 1000m above sea level
Maximum wind speed region (rated as per AS/NZS 1170.2:2011) : region C, category 2
Standards Compliant
GOST R 52719-2007 Power transformers. General specifications
GB 6451 Technical Specifications And Requirements For Oil-Immersed Power Transformers
Compliant Transformers,Distribution type, Liquid-Filled Type,Over 600 Volts Transformers General Specifications Standards
Accessories and Features
HV & LV BushingsLoad break switches
Pressure relief deviceDrain and filling plug
Drain and filling plugGrounding Bracket and X0 strap
Parking StandNameplate engraved
ThermometerLiquid  Level  Gauge
Load break inserts complete with dust cap
Bay-o-net & current limiting fuse protection
Customer stock  code  and  stencilling
Bail tabs on the bushing well clamps
Provision for a  remote fault  indicator  light
High voltage off circuit taps
Alternative protection devices, specified by the purchaser
Design Performance Test
Routine tests will be performed on EACH UNIT
a. Voltage ratiob. Polarity
c. Phase relationshipd. Core losses (no-load losses)
e. Exciting currentf. Winding losses (load losses)
g. Tank leaksh. Impedance
i. Applied potentialj. Induced potential
k. Impulse tests

3 Phase Pad Mounted Transformer Advantage:

• Strong overload capacity, does not affect the service life .

• Energy saving and environmental protection,Stable operation.

• Three-phase five-column structure, the voltage quality is high, the neutral point does not drift, the.cabinet does not generate heat, the noise is low, and the lightning protection performance is good.

Residential Pad Mounted Transformer Applications:

• Padmounted transformer usually installd at streets, parks, hotels, countryside, residential or commercial areas.

Three Phase Pad Mounted Transformers Optional Accessories:

• Compartmental available in live-front or dead-front design

• Critical load designed with special attention to surge protection

• Hardened data center designed with special attention to surge protection, providing superior

• performance under the most stressful electrical environments

• Solar specifically designed for Solar Photovoltaic generator step-up (GSU) applications

• Vacuum fault interrupter combines both voltage transformation and either transformer or loop

• overcurrent protection in one space-saving, money-saving package

• Can be located near or inside buildings for greater flexibility and savings

Ground Pad Mounted Transformer Transport Packaging:

• Outdoor pad mounted distribution transformers are packed with plastic cloth, and the corners are protected with pearl cotton and wrapped with winding film.

Oil Filled Pad Mounted Transformer Manufacturers:

SOURCEWAY engineers have 40 years of experience in the transformer industry and have accumulated a wealth of experience in participating in different projects in various countries. Based on project cooperation cases, Sourceway can help you analyze the types of transformers you need in project construction and provide complete power distribution and other solutions.

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