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American New Energy Special Box Change


Product Description

Compact Substation Transformer Product Technical Features::

1. It has 4 national patents and its product technology is at the leading level in the country.

2. Rated voltage: 12~40.5kV;

3. The maximum capacity of the transformer is 20,000kVA.

4. Maximum rated short-time withstand current of high voltage cabinet: 40kA.

5. Rated frequency: 50Hz.

6. Protection level: IP55.

7. Box structure types include: prefabricated cabin structure, standard container structure, aluminum-zinc plate anti-corrosion wood assembly structure and GRC cement landscape structure.

8. Product performance: suitable for mobile power supply, with good flexibility, convenient power supply, and safe and reliable operation.

9. Mainly used in: outdoor temporary electricity use, military and other application scenarios.

10. Normal service life: 20 years.

Compact Substation Overview:

· The overall structure of the vehicle-mounted mobile substation is compact in design, highly maneuverable, can be put into use in a short time, has high power supply reliability, flexible operation, simple and convenient assembly, and each component can also be operated independently and moved and transported.

· The semi-trailer trailer is usually in a motorized state for transportation. It can be dispatched after receiving the departure order. It can be put into grid operation within a few hours of arriving at the designated destination. It can especially meet the needs of high-voltage grid power supply systems in substation technical transformation, equipment maintenance, temporary power supply at construction sites, Accident repairs and power supply needs in case of natural disasters.

Compact Substation Transformer Application: 

· Emergency power supply/flexible power supply

Compact Substation Transformer Packaging:

· Our container type compact substation is desined for easy transportation and fast installation. Which is pre-assembled for easy set-up and commissionin.All components type-tested.

· Package substation is prefabricated substation; ready for installation at site. Package substations are most preferred solutions nowadays as there are Concerns regarding space, aesthetics and safety.Much more safety for the public and operators compared to traditional civil works substations.

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