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Compact Substation Transformer


Product Description

Compact Substation Transformer Specifications:

· Rated voltage up to 40.5kV

· Transformer rating up to 5000kVA

· Available with Air or Gas insulated MV secondary switchgear

· Footprint and layout flexibility to match customer requirements

· The design of the IP class of The outdoor enclosure of compact substation can be standard IP 23 up to IP43 , which is accordance with IEC 60529 Standards.

· Sourceway is also offering with IP 54 or higher IP class according to special requirement.

Compact Substation Transformer Compliance with standards: · IEC 60076 · IEC 62271 · IEC 61439

Compact Substation Transformer Advantage:

· Using three-phase four-wire system or three-phase five-wire system

· High-quality three-phase tinned copper bar, high mechanical strength, good heat dissipation

· Fully enclosed, fully insulated structure, safe and reliable operation

· Easy to operate, maintenance-free, low equipment cost

· Divided into three separate areas: high voltage room, low voltage room, transformer room

· High voltage room XGN15, HXGN17 or (SF6) switchgear

· The low-voltage side adopts a panel-mounted or cabinet-mounted structure to form a power supply solution           required by users, which can meet functions such as power distribution, lighting power distribution, reactive power  compensation, and electric energy metering. The main switch is generally a universal circuit breaker or an intelligent circuit breaker, which is flexible in installation and easy to operate

· The transformer can be a hermetically sealed oil-immersed transformer or a dry-type transformer

· The box shell is solid, heat-insulated and ventilated, stable in performance (corrosion-proof, dust-proof, waterproof), and beautiful in appearance

· There are many choices of shell materials, such as steel plate, composite plate, stainless steel plate, cement plate and other protection levels

· All key components front accessible. Online analysis for fast trouble shooting Modular design ,Main device easy replacement.

· Higher degree of safety and operational reliability is achieved by HT and LT switchgears and protective relays to avoid overloading.

· Reducing LV looses, electromagnetic perturbation (smaller LV current loop) and LV faults using direct short LV connections tested in factory.

· All the operations are performed from front face, even the access to the tap changer of the transformer compartment.

Compact Substation Transformer Applications:

· The prefabricated compact substation is a compact complete power distribution equipment that integrates low-voltage/medium-voltage switchgear, distribution transformers, electric energy metering devices and reactive power compensation devices in one box, which is convenient for transportation and installation.

· Compact substations are small in size and are widely used in power distribution systems with rated voltages ranging from 11kV to 40.5kV. It can be installed outdoors with a small footprint. The altitude above sea level does not exceed 1000m, if special custom-made transformers and low-voltage components are used, it can reach 4000m, the vertical inclination is not more than 5°, no violent vibration, no impact.

· Compact substations are suitable for residential quarters, urban public utilities, building electricity, etc. Users can choose compact transformers according to different load levels. No conductive dust, no explosion hazard, no corrosive metal and electrical components in the gas place, and the outdoor wind speed does not exceed 35m/s.

· The shell part is generally made of galvanized metal clad steel, which has good anti-corrosion performance and is guaranteed not to rust for 20 years. The operation of the equipment is not affected by climate and environmental pollution, and can guarantee normal operation in harsh environments ranging from -40°C to +40°C. The air humidity is not more than 90% (+25°C).

Compact Substation Transformer Transport Packaging:

· Our container type compact substation is desined for easy transportation and fast installation. Which is pre-assembled for easy set-up and commissionin.All components type-tested.

· Package substation is prefabricated substation; ready for installation at site. Package substations are most preferred solutions nowadays as there are Concerns regarding space, aesthetics and safety.Much more safety for the public and operators compared to traditional civil works substations.

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