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Intelligent Pv/Dedicated Substation For Wind Power Generation


Product Description

Compact Substation Overview:

Intelligent PV/wind power substation is a kind of power equipment which integrates high-voltage switchgear, transformer body and protective fuse in the fuel tank and integrates with low-voltage switchgear and corresponding auxiliary equipment. The product has the advantages of low loss and strong weather resistance outdoors. It is an ideal equipment for PV power generation system. Prepare.lt is suitable for industrial, commercial, construction, transportation and other fields.

Technical Parameters:

VoltageSystem voltage35kV、36.75kV、38.5kV
High voltage side maximum working voltage40.5kV
Low voltage side maximum working voltage0.27kV、0.3kV、0.315kV、0.4kV、0.5kV、0.69kV
Rated frequency
Rate dinsulation levelHigh voltage switch power frequency withstand voltage95kV
Transformer bodypowerfrequency withstand voltage85kV
Impact peak withstand voltage200kV
Transformer low voltage side power frequency withstand voltage5kV
PhaseThree phase
Protection level
High andlow pressure roomIP54
After the high pressure chamber dooris openedIP3X

Compact Substation Transformer Product Technical Features:

1. Possess 4 invention patents.

2. Rated voltage: 12~24kV.

3. Rated frequency: 50Hz.

4. Transformer capacity 6300KVA.

5. Maximum altitude: 4500 meters.

6. Shell protection level: IP54.

7. High-voltage switch cabinets can use environmentally friendly gas, air insulation, SF6 gas insulation, solid insulation and other types.

8. The background monitoring system can realize online monitoring of key points of the product (online temperature of primary contact, partial discharge of insulation parts and arc light).

9. As power distribution control and protection equipment for new energy power generation systems such as photovoltaic and wind power;

10. Normal service life: 20 years.

Compact Substation Transformer Compliance with standards: 

· IEC 60076 · IEC 62271 · IEC 61439.

Compact Substation Transformer Packaging:

· Package substation is prefabricated substation; ready for installation at site. Package substations are most preferred solutions nowadays as there are Concerns regarding space, aesthetics and safety.Much more safety for the public and operators compared to traditional civil works substations.

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