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New Energy Prefabricated Module


Product Description

New Energy Prefabricated Module Technical Features:

1. Voltage level: 3.6kV~40.5kV.

2. Maximum capacity of transformer: 6300kVA.

3. Rated frequency: 50Hz.

4. Protection level: IP55.

5. Structure type: cold plate welding type, container type.

6. Applicable to: power transformation and distribution of new energy power generation systems, outdoor power distribution systems and other projects.

7. Shell material technology: cold plate spray painting, container shell, aluminum-zinc coated plate anti-corrosion wooden strips, etc.

New Energy Prefabricated Module Overview:

· Prefabricated cabin substation is composed of prefabricated cabin, secondary equipment panel cabinet (or rack), high voltage cabinet, cabin auxiliary facilities, etc. The production, assembly, wiring, debugging and other work are completed in the factory, and as a whole Transported to the project site, it is located on the installation foundation.

·The prefabricated cabin and its internal equipment enable the entire set of equipment to be integrated by the manufacturer, realizing factory processing, reducing on-site secondary wiring, reducing design, construction, debugging, and workload, simplifying maintenance and repair work, shortening the construction cycle, and effectively supporting the rapid construction of the power grid. . It has the technical characteristics of standardization, modularization and prefabrication.

Prefabricated Module Transformer Application: 

· Power plants (stations)、 substations (distribution stations) and industrial fields.

Prefabricated Module Transformer Packaging:

· Our container type compact substation is desined for easy transportation and fast installation. Which is pre-assembled for easy set-up and commissionin.All components type-tested.

· Package substation is prefabricated substation; ready for installation at site. Package substations are most preferred solutions nowadays as there are Concerns regarding space, aesthetics and safety.Much more safety for the public and operators compared to traditional civil works substations.

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