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Three Phase Oil Type Distribution Transformers

SourceWay manufactures a wide range of three phase oil type distribution transformers up to 2500 kVA and 36kV,mainly in urban areas and for industrial applications. Our standard transformers are designed for use in moderate climates and can be installed both outdoors and indoors. The loading capability is designed to comply with IEC 354.

Product Description


1.The magnetic core has a miter step joint to ensure optimum performance and minimum sound levels by using step lap technology The magnetic steel is cut to length sequentially

and automatically stacked This ensures dimensional accuracy and single sheet interlacing within the full stack.

2. The high voltage winding has a continuous drop down disc with a strip conductor(aluminum or copper)and double layer insulation.Windings are cast under vacuum with epoxy resin. Transient analysis tests have been performed to verify the electrical stress distribution through the windings confirming the highest strength in our design.

3.The low voltage windings are made of conductor foil

(aluminum or copper),and insulating foil pre-impregnated with epoxy resin After the winding process the coil is cured into an oven resulting in an extremely compact winding winding which can withstand the dynamic stresses produced bya short circuit.

4.The encapsulation process is a key stage within the manufacturing process Encapsulation is carried out under the most rigorous conditions in order to ensure optimum insulating and mechanical characteristics. 

5.Inside the vacuum casting chamber, the resin is introduced into the mould.The components are mixed together iust before the encap sulation process, this ensures that the viscosity of the resin when poured in the moulds is very low, filling interstices and allowing the finished winding to reach the lowest level of partial discharge, and acquire the optimal final electrical and mechanical properties.





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