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30kVA Vacuum Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers


Product Description

Dry Type Vacuum Cast Resin Transformer Specifications:

· Single-phase up to 315kva

· Primary voltage up to 36kv

· Secondary voltages up to 480 V

· Cooling type: ONAN

· Available fluids: mineral oil and ester fluids

Dry Type Vacuum Cast Resin Transformer Applications:

· Chemical, oil, and gas industry

· Environmentally sensitive areas (e.g. water protection areas)

· Fire-risk areas (e.g. forests)

· Inner-city substations

· Indoor and underground substations

· Renewable generation (e.g. off-shore wind turbines )


Dry Type Vacuum Cast Resin Transformer Advantage:

· Sourceway's cast-resin transformers offer maximum mechanical strength to withstand thermal and mechanicalstresses from severe climates, cycling loads, and short circuit forces.

· Sourceway's transformer windings arehermetically cast in epoxy without the use of a mold for maximum design flexibility.

· Sourceway’s transformersare non-exp osive with high resistance to flame and do not reguire vaults, containment dikes, or costlv firesuppression systems.

· Sourceway's transformers are produced in full compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

· Modern winding processes, combined with electronically controlled winding machinery, ensure an evendistribution of glass fibre rovings and epoxy resin, and the highest precision in the manufacture of transformerwindings. Multi-spaced ribs, built-in during the winding process, integrate the HV and LV windings into a singlecompact winding block. No risk of any contamination to the application environment and non-explosive withhigh resistance to flame. 

· Severe load cycles (cold start to maximum load) and high short circuit withstand.Exposure to harsh climates (freezing, heat, chemicals, moisture): minimal maintenance.

· The iron core:

· The core is made of high quality cold-rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheet with mineral oxide insulation

· By controlling the cutting and stacking process of silicon steel sheet, the loss level, no-load current and noise can be minimized

· The surface of the assembled core is sealed with grade F or grade H core paint to prevent dust and corrosion

· HV winding:

· has a firm structure during normal operation and transportation

· The low voltage winding is made of high quality copper foil - The insulation between layers is made of thermosetting epoxy prepreg cloth - The ends of the windings are insulated with thermosetting epoxy prepreg cloth - Excellent insulation resistance · It has very good ability to bear radial stress caused by short circuit - The outlet terminal of low voltage winding is tin-plated copper bar

· whole winding is placed in the oven and heated to 140°C. After 4 hours of polymerization, it has excellent corrosion resistance to industrial gases

· LV winding:

· is placed in the oven and heated to 140°C. After 4 hours of polymerization, it has excellent corrosion resistance to industrial gases

· Woven with insulated copper wire, and applied by hengfengyou electric exclusive patent technology - For small volumes, the high voltage winding uses a linear voltage gradient from top to bottom - For large-capacity products, the high-voltage windings are wound by "band winding" technology - The application of these methods causes the electric field between adjacent conductors to be very low - The transformer has a firm structure during normal operation and transportation

Dry Type Vacuum Cast Resin TransformerStandard Fittings:

· Terminal Connectors

· Cast resin coils

· Epoxy Resin Capacitive Insulator

· Special Termination Arrangement

· Cable Box / Bus Duct

· Cooling Fan

· Rollers (Uni-Directional / Bi-Directional) Protection with Temperature Scanner

· Scanner Off Circuit Tap Changer

Dry Type Vacuum Cast Resin Transformer Transport Packaging:

· Single-phase transformers are packaged in three ways: wooden pallets, wooden frames, and wooden boxes.

· We generally use wooden box packaging, which can effectively protect the transformer during transportation

· Avoid collisions and keep the shape of the transformer intact

· Avoid corrosion, rust, etc. caused by environmental factors

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