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YB Series High/Low Voltage Prefabricated Transformer Substation



Product Description

Product Overview:

YB series high/low voltage prefabricated transformer substation is made from high voltage electric power equipment,distribution transformer,low voltage electrical equipment, energy measurement device and power factor compensation device etc part of the integration of power equipment, as a power supply, allocationofpowerequipment,hasconvenient installation, simple operation etc trait.

Product Applications:

Apply To Industrial,commercial,construction,transportation and other fields.

Product Specifications:

1. It has 4 invention patents and its product technology is at the leading level;

2. Rated voltage: 12~24kV;

3. Rated frequency: 50Hz;

4. Transformer capacity ≤ 6300KVA;

5. The highest altitude is 4,500 meters;

6. Shell protection level: IP54;

7. High-voltage switch cabinets can use environmentally friendly gas, air insulation, SF6 gas insulation, solid insulation and other types.

8. The background monitoring system can realize online monitoring of key points of the product (online temperature of primary contact, partial discharge of insulation parts and arc light);

9. As a power distribution control and protection equipment for photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy power generation systems;

10. Normal service life: 20 years;

Switchgear Parameters:

Project Name


HV Electrical



LV Electrical Apparatus
Rated VoltagekV6;126/0.4;10/0.40.4
Rated CapacitykVA
I 200-1250
II 50-400
Rated CurrentA630,800,1250
Rated Breaking CurrentALoad switch 630A
kAComposite Apparatus Depends On Fuse
Rated Short Time Withstand CurrentkA20kA200-400kVA15x1
Rated Peak-value Withstand CurrentkA31.5; 50200-400kVA>400kVA



Rated Making CurrentkA
Power Frequency Withstand VoltagekV31.5; 50Oil-immersed 35
W300V; 2
Relativ and Alternate 42Dry-type35>300V;2.5

Lightning lmpulse Withstand Voltage


kVIsolating Fracture 4875
Relative and Altemate 75
Tank Protection Grade
Isolating Fracture 85IP2X
Noise LeveldB
IP3XOil-immersed <55
Dry-type <65

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